tile colors,We should How to pick? Choosing a floor color can be a bigger decision than you think. You will want ..." />

How to Choose Tile Colors

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tile colors,We should How to pick?

Choosing a floor color can be a bigger decision than you think. You will want to choose something you'll like for a long time, and you want it to be versatile enough that you can change the decor and still have it go with the floor. Tile can be a lovely choice in flooring for many rooms, but it can greatly affect the area that it is in. Darker tiles make a big impact on the room, but lighter tiles can be difficult to clean and take care of. You should go through a few steps to determine your tendency to change the room around and what hues you enjoy seeing daily before making this decision.
  • 1 Decide whether you will be living in the house for a while or if you’re decorating for someone else in the near future. If you plan to move out sometime soon, choose a light neutral color tile that will go with everything and open up the space.
  • 2 If you are decorating for you because you’ll be there a while, determine what color your furniture, carpet, rugs and walls will likely be. Make sure to choose a color that will go with everything you own. If you think you’ll change your decor around a lot, choose a neutral tile.
  • 3 Choose a light color if you want the room to look bigger and brighter. Choose a dark color if you need to hide dirt on the floors and don’t mind making it appear smaller.
  • 4 Choose a warm color like a light brown to make the whole room feel warmer. If you want to cool the room down, try a cooler color tile such as a grey or purple.
  • Tips & Warnings:

    1.Once you have chosen a tile color, you may have options of the patterns in the tile. Pick one that you know you will like, and that will hide dirt if this is a concern. It makes it much easier to visualize a certain color if you take a sample home and place it next to your other furnishings. Tile colors may look different in the store than they do at your home.
    2.Pay attention to the type of material as well as the tile color. Some is more difficult to maintain than others, and the kind you want for your floor may only come in a few different colors.

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