Wall Tile Installation

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How to install wall tiling?There are steps and methods below:

1. CLEAN Concrete, masonry, cured mortar beds and plywood surfaces to be tiled must be flat, structurally sound, dry and completely clean. All contaminants must be removed with PRO-STRIP SEALER & ADHESIVE REMOVER, or by sanding, scraping or chipping. Any imperfections should be patched.

2. ROOM TEMP For best results, the temperature of all tiling materials,room and adhesives should be 50 to 70 degrees for 24 hours before, and 48 hours after, installation.

3. Wet or Dry ? If you are tiling onto a wall that is exposed to water a cement board or water barrier

4. PLAN the LAYOUT Sketch your tile layout.The more time you invest in laying out your area the less time you will spend setting the tile or stone. Tip: All rooms vary in size & shape. For expert advice you can always consult your tile associate or customer care for hints regarding your project.

5. LEVEL Set a piece of temporary wood batten just above your first row of tile, making sure it is level. When you have finished tiling above the baton, remove and tile the bottom row of tile.

6. MIX Thoroughly mix the appropriate thinset for your project to a toothpaste consistency.

7. APPLY MORTAR First apply mortar using the flat side of the trowel to promote substrate contact. Then,using the recommended notch trowel at a 45-degree angle, spread the mortar uniformly in a ridged pattern. Continue applying mortar in a straight pattern.

8. SET TILE Press tile into mortar with a slight twisting motion. Check often for uniform lines.

9. Spa cers It is advisable to use tile spacers to ensure accurate spacing between the tile.

10. TAP DOWN TILE To prevent any voids or air pockets under the tile,use a grout float or rubber mallet and carefully tap the top of each tile to ensure complete contact with mortar.Tip: DO NOT attempt to set tile into mortar which has dried.

11. CURE Allow the tile to cure for 24 hours without disturbance


Source:tileshop website

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