The installation of Mosaic

Source:  Date:  2011-10-15

How to install mosaic?

1, the base surface treatment:

 Should first be installed before the installation of a grass-roots level to ensure smooth and set aside Mosaic installation position should be more than the required thickness of 3-5MM. Paving should be done before a comprehensive clean-up work, all surfaces should be firm, clean, no shaking, no oil, and other loose material; painted a very smooth or rough surfaces should be done processing; substrate or surface porous and absorbent difficult to clean thoroughly dust the surface of dirt can be coated with the first treatment agent interface helps mosaic paste.

 2, pre-shop:

 Shall be installed prior to installation of construction plans in accordance with pre-shop, with an area larger number diagram with stitching. Mosaic with the installation of on-site to ensure that the actual size of coordination. In case of pre-shop when you are stitching in the middle part of the gap should be mosaic joints at both sides of the glue and gauze cut clearance, do joint coordination office until the normal gap.

 Surface to support the installation of lines or marks, to ensure accurate and fixed the location of every piece of mosaic.

 Third, Stones:

 With 2-3MM serrated spatula to evenly coated in the grass roots on the adhesive thickness to 3-5MM suitable.

 The single-chip mosaic cracks aligned in accordance with drawings placed in the glue on the Shu Hao. The gap between the two should normally be with each of the gap between on-chip roughly the same granule.

 The formation of thick wooden mat in the mosaic surface, even beating with a rubber hammer to ensure a strong bonding. In case of a mosaic stars are too high or too late to unplug the particles with the decrease or increase the adhesive method of leveling.

 If the installation of the wall, in principle, should be a bottom-up on the Stones, and a one-time Stones can not be too high to prevent the collapse caused by a larger weight, and use the auxiliary supportive structures close to the wall, with a certain initial After the beginning of strength can only remove the supporting material.

 Used in water environment, we must do a good job waterproof, anti-cracking treatment, and suggested that the use of a good waterproof performance, the special adhesives and sealant.

 4, fillers:

 Moderate income to be water with an initial strength of dry and after wet soft cloth to clean with sponge mosaic surface, followed by clean, dry cloth then wipe, and can start filling.

 With wooden or rubber spatula will be poured into the mosaic cracks where sealant. Pending the completion of sealant fill, the moisture has been on a moderate income dry initial strength to begin the clean-up. Lower than the mosaics should be clear to the sealant around the surface of 1MM and finally with a dry soft cloth to clean the surface again until the surface clean up.

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