Welcome to the ceramics website of SDILAN

Source:  www.foshanceramics.com  Date:  2011-10-15

Hello,our new ceramic website include the contents below:

1.Tile products show,they contain many tile classes below:

  • New Products of Tiles
  • Glazed Full-polished Marble Tiles
  • Double Loading Tile
  • Soluble-salt Tiles
  • Solid Color Tiles
  • Pilates Tiles
  • Glazed Matt Porcelain Tiles
  • Wooden Tiles
  • Wall Tiles
  • 2.Mosaic products show,they include mosaic sorts below:

  • New Products of Mosaics
  • Glass Mosaics
  • Cystal Glass Mosaics
  • Glass Stone Mosaics
  • Glass Ceramic Mosaics
  • Gold Star Mosaics
  • Goldline Mosaics
  • Jade Mosaics
  • Resin Mosaics
  • Sand Mosaics
  • Glass Porcelains
  • Glass Resin Stone Mosaics
  • 3.Many Infos about ceramics,tiling and mosaic.For example,The news of porcelains,the installation of tile and the maintenance motheds about mosaics,and so on.

    4.The introduction of our company:SDILAN IMP. & EXP. Co., LTD.


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