Wall tiles introduce

Source:  http://www.foshanceramics.com  Date:  2012-03-05

Wall tiles are the most durable and lng-lasting of all common wall coverings and are ideal for wet areas or wet rooms.They are easy to clean and even grout between the tiles can be restored using simple,low-cost products.

SDILAN stocks a very large range of wall tiles in many sizes and colors,plus a large range of décor items to complement the tile ranges.Wall tiles come in small sizes and formats such as 600mm x 600 mm and so no,through to large sizes such as 800mm x 800mm.The size of the tile affects the appearance of the wall.The larger the tile,the bigger the wall looks.

Wall tiles come in many designs,from tiles with a shiny marble appearance to rustic matt imitation travertine.Combining tiles with décor items such as listellos or mosaics provides infinite possibilities.

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