Porcelain tiles are a lot more resistant to water absorption than ceramic tiles.The glazing also b..." />

One of sorts of floor tiles:Glazed porcelain tiles

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Porcelain tiles are a lot more resistant to water absorption than ceramic tiles.The glazing also bonds strongly with the tile body.resulting in an extremely hardy and durable tile surface.With such hard-wearing properties.the glazed porcelain tile is an extremely popular choice.


SDILAN’s vast range of colorways,surface structures and profiles give you the freedom to explore all manner of design styles and applications,from clean modern and classic looks to natural and rustic environments.But it doesn’t end there.Consider complementing your choice of tile with mosaic accents,borders details and attractive rossone features.A number of prodcts masquerade as porcelain tiles.Some tiles may be manufactured from porcelain clay,but rely more on preparation and firing to resist water absorption.For your peace of mind,check with your salesperson on the water absorption percentage of the actual clay body.



Glazed porcelain tiles require relatively little maintenance and are well suited to high-traffic areas.Even with a fair amount of dirt and grime trudging across the floor,your porcelain tiles will retain their appearance.Of course,even the hardiest materials eventually succumb to wear and tear.Simple precautions pay dividends,like placing a mat at the entrance to trap dust,or limiting heavy-duty footwear across your floor.

Tips and hints:

Ensure that you purchase a batch with consistent coloring and shading.Chech sample tiles across your batch.Your salesperson will confirm whether the material is genuinely first or second grade.Some glazed porcelain tiles are meant to have a natural color variance, so double check before you buy.

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