One of sorts of floor tiles:polished porcelain tiles

Source:  Date:  2012-01-06

Don’t compare floor tiles without comparing their construction.Modern technology offers you a range of materials, each with its own unique characteristics.Ceramic tiles are the most familiar,but are they pressed or extrude ,glazed or unglazed? Are they calibrated,or otherwise?What is their PEI rating?And finally,what is their grade?


Porcelain floor tiles are a relatively new development,but they,too,come in varying forms.The first thing to determine is whether they are,in fact,porcelain.Many tiles are sold as porelain based on the white clay from which they are formed.But true porelain is created in the furnace..


Higher temperatures cause a change in state,resulting in a product that is denser,less porous and thus stronger than the more familiar ceramic tile.Porcelain tiles may be glazed or polished once,twice,or even three times.And in all cases,they may be rectified,calibrated or rustic in their finish.


You will find examples of each in our Tile Gallery.More importantly,you will find that because we started life as the Ceramic Tile Market over 30 years ago,we know the difference between one tile and another.And because we have our good reputation to protect,weatake a lot of trouble to protect you.


1.Polished porcelain tiles


This is a tile with and impressive sheen.The highly reflective surface adds depth and dimension to a room.Because they are manufactured mainly in larger sizes,their application is suited to larger floor areas.Durability compares with,or evern exceeds,the strength of natural granite.That’s why you will find them in high-traffic,upmarket commercial environments.


Polished porcelain is available mostly in neutral tones.It adds a striking complement to more modern,uncluttered interiors,sometimes interspersed with either matt or shiny mosaics,an elegant border or anelaborately contrasting rossone.


Having grown in popularity,porcelain tile technology has seen many developments.First-generation porcelain tiles offer a simpler face,with or without repeated veins and textural movement.Second-generation tiles are refeered to as ‘double loaded’,offering amany more colors with added reflective depth,Third-generation tiles achieve an even livelier look,with textural movement running diagonally across the face.A more recent introductions is a natural-looking,random vein.


The technology used in each tile can dramatically influence the price.The uncompromising value that CTM insists on,however,means you’re assured of the very finest manufacturing processes and finished quality.



An added attraction of polished porcelain is that it is fairly low in maintenance.However,the polishing process can open up pores on the surface of the tile.Once installed,take care to apply a proper sealant.It’s a simple process,but it ensures protection against staining.

Tips and Hints:

Before purchasing and installing your polished porcelain tiles,check with your salesperson that the body quality of the tile is stain resistant and that the face of the tile is properly polished and free of dull spots.Request a sample check throughout your batch..

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