One of types of ceramic tiles:Glazed tiles

Source:  Other ceramic web site  Date:  2011-12-28

Glazed tiles come in a varlety of colors and finishes – from matte to satin to high gloss—and offer an almost infinite variety of decorative possibilities.Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to create glazed tiles for both wall and floor application.


The raw materials for glazed tiles are selected to make sure the body of the tile will take well to decoration.Cottoforte, Earthenware and Mojolica are all suitable materials for the glazing process,each with its own unique colourings and characteristics.These tiles types,made according to the traditional ‘double firing’ (Bicottura) technique,are mailnly used for FLOORS.


Another technique is ‘single firing’(Monocottura),where bisque and glaze undergo a single firing at extremely high temperatures.Monocottura tiles usually have a matte finish and a flat back,and they’re slightly thinner than double-fired tiles.

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