Choosing the right tiles

Source:  Date:  2011-12-19

The importance of choosing the right tiles for your environment can not be overstressed.At SDILAN you will find the widest range of tiles, both cheap and fine,at process that simply can not be matched.You will also find all the advice and guidance you may need.Before you go shopping,however,there are some important factors to bear in mind:

1.First,k there’s the colour and pattern of your tiles.

2.The texture and finish add another dimension.

3.Grouting will also affect the overall result.

4.It’s the combination of these elements that makes each tile installation a unique statement.Remember sthat your tiling will form part of your overall decorating scheme,so plan the entire look inadvance.

5.Next,you have to decide whether you’re going to buy tiles for walls,floors,wet areas or outdoor use.

6.You also have to decide on the diagonal or in any pattern that will require cutting,more tiles will be needed.

7.Once you’ve measured the area to be tiled,it makes sense to order about 10%-15% more,This will cover the loss of any tiles that have to be cut,and it will ensure that replacements from the same shade lot are available for remodeling or fixture moving in future.

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