How to Polish Ceramic Tile

Source: forward  Date:  2011-11-26

How to Polish Ceramic Tile?

Sometimes the easiest solutions are also the best ones. This is certainly true for the most efficient and cost-effective way to polish ceramic tile. Using the most basic of ingredients and most common of household cleaning tools, you can make your ceramic tiled surfaces shine like they were polished by a professional cleaning service. The entire process will take you no longer than the time it takes to mop your floor.

1.Take a large bucket and fill it with at least one gallon of water.

2.Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar for each gallon of water in the bucket.

3.Dip a clean household mop into the vinegar and water solution. Stir the solution with the mop to saturate the mop.

4.Squeeze out the excess solution from the mop and place the mop on your ceramic tile floor.

5.Mop the floor as you normally would, moistening the mop periodically with more cleaning solution as necessary. Allow the floor to dry.

Tips & Warnings:

You may substitute pure lemon juice in the same amount for the vinegar. The fragrance will be more pleasant and the results just as clean. If you prefer, the cleaning solution can be placed inside of a large spray bottle. Spray the floor periodically as you mop the floor.


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